Most affordable auto insurance in Guam 2022

Being an unincorporated territory of the united State, Guam is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana islands and largest island in Micronesia. For Auto insurance in Guam, the standard requirement by public law is $25,000 for bodily injury for each person, $50,000 for bodily injury per accident and $20,000 for property damage. This somehow means that the main coverage includes liability, comprehensive and collision. The automobile liability represents the cost that should be paid for other people damages or losses caused unintentionally. It is compulsory for each car owners to have the vehicle registered and for this purpose, there are many companies helping citizen to insure their vehicle through important rates.

1.Guahan Insurance

Guahan auto insurance in Guam

This is one of the oldest auto insurance in Guam, its main mission has been to offer to Guam people quality protection, providing good service to ease their journey. It does provide the basis coverage as imposed by Guam law. It offers coverage that help car owners make interesting saving while beneficiating from family protection. Guahan insurance also proposes for car insurance, important range of discount which could be up to 65%; some of these discounts include; multi car insurance for more than one vehicle, multi-policy discount; new car discount if the vehicle model was manufactured within two years of the current year, and safety features discount for vehicles with added safety features.

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2.Pfc Insurance

Established in 1976, Pfc is another leading auto insurance in Guam. It started difficultly with a team of three and has grown so far to an important corporation offering high quality service and sustaining to customers need at all levels. With main focus on four important aspects including customer service, ownership, citizenship, team work and strong relationship. Pfc has improved to a trusted company which could be recommended for all. Some of its important coverages are bodily injury liability, property damage liability, comprehensive physical damage coverage which involved coverage such as vehicle theft, damaged by fire with possibility of gaining from some deductibles. It offers at no cost, coverage including free tire change service, free out-of-gas delivery, and many more.

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3.Alpha Insurers

If you are looking for an auto insurance in Guam with less worry and quality support, Alpha insurer is an advisable choice. It provides the standard liability coverage as imposed by Guam auto insurance policy. Alpha insurers offer important discounts which depend on the policy chosen by the customer. For premium policy for example, you are eligible for a discount of 10% for individual having insuring multi-car; there is no claims bonus as well this is conditioned by prior accident free cases for previous years, some of these relevant benefits are 10% off the first year for bodily coverage, 15% off the first year for liability coverage and about 20% off for property damage. Other possible discounts are good student discount, Anti-theft Alarm discount and more.

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4.Nanbo Insurance

Nanbo auto insurance in Guam

Nanbo has been operational for the past 50 years, operating with appreciable customer service providing relevant insurance products. It is one of the best auto insurance in Guam very reliable and trustworthy, supporting customers through it most developed experienced. It provides insurance coverage including bodily and property Damage coverage, collision damage coverage, personal accident coverage, personal property coverage, medical coverage, typhoon coverage, rental reimbursement, trailer coverage and many more. It offers important range of discounts such as bundle discount which give up to 50% savings when bundling home and car insurance, about 20% discount for multi-car policy, and about 20% for no claim within three years.

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5.Moylan’s Insurance

Moylan’s auto insurance

Operational for quite many decades, Moylan’s company provides the best insurance services and products to Guam citizens. It has a strong financial background, and its friendly auto insurance in Guam is one of the best nowadays. It is one of the experienced auto insurance with great reputation. It provides to customer important discounts such multi-car discount which is up to 10% minimum reduction, no claim bonus, this is provided for car owners who can provide a no claim certificate from the previous company or has not got any accident for the past years. Other possible discounts are driver certificate discount up to 5%, and anti-theft flat rate discount which is nearly $25.

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