Best auto insurance in South Carolina 2022

Auto insurance in South Carolina is divided into physical liability and physical damage, for this case, the law requirement is that, car owners should pay an average $1,570 per year for full coverage, that is approximately $126 per month, compare to the national rate, it is slightly cheaper. This full coverage implies coverages including personal injury protection, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance and liability insurance. It varies from one company to another depending on the factors involved, so each car owner has to find a car insurance corresponding to its personal needs and shopping budget. Considering South Carolina to be a no fault State, it does impact on the research for convenient policy.

1.American National

American National Auto insurance in South Carolina

It is a company with strong financial stability with coverage offered nationwide. Even though there have been several complaints lately about its services, it stands on the way for better development. As an auto insurance in South Carolina, American National provides cheapest coverage for good drivers and drivers with speeding ticket. Its annual coverage is the lowest in both case, presenting a difference of almost 35% compare to the state average. The State law implies that causing an accident will surely result to an increase of the auto insurance rate upon renewal, but with American national it is possible to beat this high rate by paying a lower amount with a difference of almost a $1,000, a huge amount to set up the saving base.

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Geico auto insurance in South Carolina

It is among the five largest insurance company in the whole U.S. Known for its quality service and good financial strength, Geico auto insurance in South Carolina provides the lowest average minimum coverage for premium. It is indeed a good company for all individual shopping on budget. It is also advisable for young drivers who have to pay the lowest average with an important contrast compare to the State average. Drivers with speeding tickets have to pay a lower average charge for as low as $1,080 compare to the State charge. It offers affordable charge as well for case of parent including teen drivers in their insurance. It offers discount including good student and driver education discount, but there is no discount for full payment.

3.State Farm

State Farm auto insurance in South Carolina

It is another largest insurance company in State offering important advantages. It has strong financial base and good rate of customer satisfaction. State farm auto insurance in South Carolina provides important online and mobile tools which contributes to the best for its amazing reputation and reliability at all. In addition to this, it also emerges through local agent who assist customers get the most customized policy in accordance to its personal needs. It does provide affordable policy for drivers with poor records, who have to pay nearly 30% less than the state average annual charge. It also offers important discount packages exempt for new car replacement of accident forgiveness which is commonly done by other competitors.

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Travelers auto insurance in South Carolina

It is another giant in the insurance market, offering affordable cost as well. It is also well appreciated for its good financial stability. Travelers auto insurance in South Carolina is the fourth best insurance amongst all with good second average coverage for premium. It provides the third lowest cost for senior drivers with possible charge reduction for drivers with good records. Its estimate charges for drivers with poor credit is $2,085 which is about $500 lowest than the state estimate average coverage for the same. It also offers good deal for driver with prior accident case, providing a lower coverage rate compare to the State cost. But the inconvenient for Travelers is the customer satisfaction which is below the average rate.

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Progressive auto insurance in South Carolina

It is a popular company, with good financial strength. It is present to almost all the states, offering competitive average rates factors wise. Progressive insurance is one of the best auto insurance in South Carolina offering good benefits; especially for high risk drivers who have the privilege to benefit from lower coverage, even lesser than the State average rate. It is also a better option for client wishing to switch auto insurance company. It does offer for this particular case astonishing discount, quiet competitive to be turn down. It is not that good in term of customer service, but the affordable rates it offers combined to its average premium are good reason enough to reconsider your choice when you are looking for a better auto insurance in South Carolina.

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