Affordable Auto insurance in Kansas 2022

The cost of average annual premium for full coverage auto insurance in Kansas is one of the most expensive. This cost is approximately $1,709, that is nearly the maximum amount national wide even though there might be a light difference of nearly $10. For good news, there is a possibility to get a cheaper policy providing the minimum requirement while assuring maximum reliance and coverage which are up to standard. However, policy varies company wise and also factors wise, so if you are looking for an auto insurance in Kansas that will meets your shopping level, you have to take into consideration these factors and surely you will be satisfied.

1.American Family

It seems to stand at the top of most solicited auto insurance in Kansas. It has a good rate for financial stability, and good as well for user satisfaction, two important criteria which might be the reason of this top position. But the most relevant aspect is the affordable minimum rate, which is about $378 yearly, and also important discount provided for new customers and those enrolling online. Other relevant facts could be the discount for bundling both home and auto-insurance. Moreover, there are important reduction made on payment for drivers with safe driving records and few claims history.


2.State Farm

State farm auto insurance in Kansas

It is justifiably a choice to consider for customers seeking for overall annual minimum coverage of auto insurance in Kansas. Its minimum cost for this category is the least expensive. It should be recommended as well for drivers with DUI in Kansas considering that its increase rate for the same is only of 7% as per Forbes Advisor, considerably lower than the statewide. Senior drivers might also consider having a look at state farm, because it has annual rate which occasionally is not the least expensive but could be somehow affordable compare to other car insurance groups.



Geico auto insurance in Kansas

Geico auto insurance in Kansas is present this time for its important contribution offering lowest average annual rate for drivers with poor credit. It is considered for prioritizing senior drivers as well, trough competitive rates a little less than State Farm. So is the same for the case of good drivers policy, where Geico offers an incredible annual coverage which is the second lowest of the whole list behind USAA. Although, its rate is not the lowest for young divers, it is an option in case you choose to gain few savings.



Shelter auto insurance in Kansas

Shelter auto insurance in Kansas is at a good position probably not the best of all, but at least at the mid-range. An appealing reason is its highest score from J.D. Power, that is 856/1000 for customer satisfaction, an advantage over reputable auto insurance groups such as State Farm or Nationwide. Its annual coverage might be quite higher but it seems to be compensate by common optional benefits it offers for some category of individuals in Kansas. Its stable financial stability is the most surprising, being a local insurer, but it is an advantage to be well appreciated.



Nationwide auto insurance in Kansas

For its constant supports for family in some State, Nationwide, is a non-missed choice quite recommended. Nationwide auto insurance in Kansas stands as a cheapest option for parents choosing to add teen in their insurance policy. Well, it offers affordable increase percentage, compare to statewide and it is the lowest in the entire group considered for this category in Kansas. Its annual rate for drivers with bad credit is the third lowest one in the list, a good reason enough for it being an option, especially when you considered as well the fact that it is least expensive for car owners after accident.


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