Best Auto Insurance in Colorado 2022

Most of the car insurance companies might be present in all the states in US. But the rate differs from one state to another. Auto Insurance in Colorado is assured by well-known car insurance companies with competitive rates and quality standard. Considering the basis average annual coverage for the state to be at $495 per year for minimum rate and $2,019 per year for full coverage, it sets a basis for everyone to search for convenient auto insurance base on personal needs. It is good to also know that the basis mandatory payments are $25,000 for bodily injury per person in an accident, $50,000 for bodily injury for injury or death to all person in any accident and $15,000 for property damage in any one accident.


Geico Auto Insurance in Colorado

Practically always present in every list of affordable car insurance in considerate cities, Geico auto insurance in Colorado is known to be the best with an overall good rate which is shown by its cost of $870 per year for premium. This shown that it is the most affordable, and could help in making some important savings. Other advantages of Geico are its reliability and good claim policy which is very close to customers, hence justifying its second position for customer satisfaction. Moreover, Geico also provides mechanical breakdown insurance which is rarely seen in other auto Insurance group in Colorado.



USAA auto Insurance in Colorado

Usually known to always be amongst cheapest if not best auto insurance, USAA auto insurance in Colorado appears with the same restriction like in any other states, but there is a necessity to still mentioned for individual guidance. Its benefits in Colorado are huge and range from the good annual coverage rate reserved for good drivers to its cheap amount of $2,100 for young Colorado drivers. Not without forgetting that there is also a possibility to gain some discounts precisely as a student. USAA comes also at the second position with an interesting rate for senior drivers.


3.State Farm

State Farm Auto Insurance in Colorado

Constantly present as the two above mentioned car insurance groups. State Farm auto insurance in Colorado has an overall second position for cheapest insurance, because of its low complaint level and variable advantages. It received 829 out of 1000 from J.D. Power for customer satisfaction; a fact in favor of its highly rating for customer service. As for its benefits, it offers variety of discounts; such as accident free discount, comprehensive course discount, drive safe and discount for steer clear program. Some of its extra coverage include rental car and travel expenses, Roadside assistance coverage, and rideshare driver coverage.



Nationwide Auto insurance in Colorado

It is also a regularly seen car insurance considering the fact that it’s been rated by Forbes advisor with a 5-star, it is necessary to considered. An important tool for the accessibility of Nationwide auto insurance in Colorado in the list of cheapest car insurance is its low cost charge for low-mileage drivers. In fact, through its SmartMiles policy, Nationwide provides an interesting rate coverage for drivers who drive little or not for quite often. Hence, it is therefore not that convenient for people driving regularly. Another inconvenient of this group might be its low rating for claims and customer satisfaction, but that can be improved.



Allstate Auto Insurance in Colorado

An overall observation in various states has always shown this company to be the most expensive of the cheapest. However, Allstate auto insurance in Colorado seems to be the best option for young drivers as its rate is quite affordable. It is also very reputable for its good policy for customer services. It is easy to access, with a possibility of getting an agent everywhere around Colorado State, that is a strategy which bring this car insurance closer to its customers. It might not offers wide range of discounts like other competitors, but does have few which could be considered, some of which are the multi-policy discount, Teen driver discount, and new car discount.


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