06 Least expensive Car Insurance in Arizona

The minimum requirement for car insurance in Arizona is 25/50/15, with an overall coverage of $1,743 per year, that is about $145 per month. There are various companies with satisfactory coverage which can sustain resident stress of getting good deal through lowest rate coverages. The need of getting a best or cheap car insurance is a concern as it takes time and energy to find one which will correspond to your buying capacity. So is the case in Arizona, but it can be facilitated by reviewing few relevant aspects from different car insurance experts. Moreover, it is also good to think of personal requirement and put them on the table while choosing the convenient car insurance.


GEICO Car Insurance in Arizona

According to various experts, Geico car insurance in Arizona offers interesting rate with different criteria taken individually. For example, for it offers a good rate for young drivers, that is $916 for average annual rate which is interesting. It does offer an overall lower rate as well. For case of driver with speeding ticket, Geico Car Insurance in Arizona stands with an affordable coverage rate which is about 10% less than the normal rate in the state. In addition to those advantages, Geico offers various discounts for car owners in Arizona. Common discounts include safe driver discount, federal employee military discounts.

Source: https://www.geico.com/information/states/az/


USAA Car Insurance in Arizona

USAA car insurance in Arizona stands at the top of cheapest car insurance companies with competitive rates. Its average annual rate is $523 which is quite low than the state rate, hence low as well than that of some competitors. USAA also offers a good annual rate for young drivers after ticket. The cons for USAA insurance is its exemption for any social individual, it is mainly advantageous for veterans and current military and their families. Moreover, it is costly for some category of individual specially, drivers with DUI have an annual coverage of approximately $2,775 which is not that far from the sate rate.

Source: https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/arizona-car-insurance?akredirect=true

3.State Farm

State Farm Car Insurance in Arizona

Always cheapest at all time, State farm car insurance in Arizona stands close to the least expensive car insurance company with affordable coverage considering various factors. First of all, it offers the second cheapest cost for drivers with recent accident case, the state normal annual estimate for this specific case is nearly $2,512, but for state farm it is $1,763 that is a huge difference to consider. Secondly, it offers discount for young drivers undergoing some special training for safe driving. This discount can be extended to teens; hence State does have interesting quote for this category of drivers. Other benefit of State farm is the monitoring of driving habits with the possibility for the customer to get good discount, case of good driving records.

Source: https://www.statefarm.com/local/arizona


Travelers Car Insurance in Arizona

The presence of Travelers car insurance in Arizona in the list of cheapest car insurance group is justify buy some interesting coverages rate. Its estimate monthly rate for adult drivers with clean record is $46, lower than the state monthly rate. Also, its offer for car replacement is very pleasant in Arizona; it does provide a coverage for up to five years. Even though this is an appreciable option, the inconvenient is the fact that it is limited to new car only not better car replacement. This therefore tends to reduced considerably its rating compare to other car insurance in Arizona. It also provides a highest overall annual coverage which is one of the reason why it might not be that much recommended.

Source: https://www.travelers.com/car-insurance

5.American Family

American Family car insurance in Arizona

With a bankrate scores of 4.3 out of 5 and an average annual full coverage premium of 1,288, American Family car insurance in Arizona stands at a good position with other cheapest insurance with similar if not close rates for this specific criterion. Its rate for adult drivers is also appealing as it is at the mid-range between the highest and the lowest. It is also listed with car insurance companies with affordable average annual rate for drivers with DUI, a fact which should not be neglected as this rate is lower than the normal state average rate with a difference of about $$657, that is quiet considerable if you can save this amount by choosing American family car insurance in Arizona.

Source: https://www.nerdwallet.com/reviews/insurance/american-family?scrollTo=a1e0f5ce-ae86-11eb-8b41-b7ef5516df45


Progressive Car Insurance in Arizona

It is another regular car insurance present in the list of the cheapest car insurance in most of the states. Progressive Car insurance in Arizona comes at the 4th position with cheapest average annual coverage for drivers with poor credit record. Whereas for the case of good drivers, it is at the 6th position with a rate which is $65 less than the normal state rate. The overall rate for this car insurance company is attractive even though it might not be the least expensive, it somehow offers coverage which might satisfy customer buying policy while providing some important if not average savings.

Source: https://www.progressive.com/answers/arizona-car-insurance/

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