Cheapest Car Insurance in Alaska 2022

Car insurance in Alaska is provided by various companies with the basic policy being coverage of bodily injury up to $50,000 per person, $100, 000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage. The record is quiet impressive summing various groups such Allstate, progressive, Geico, state farm and many more. The competition is a little bit tight as of getting the cheapest insurers to reduce as much as possible the expenses. Taking into consideration various factors including age, individual driving records, credit score, it is still confusing to give with precision the cheapest car insurance in Alaska. however, here are the most commonly reported by different editors.


GEICO car Insurance in Alaska

With an award as Ward’s 50 top group of financially high performing insurer in 2019, Geico car insurance has never cease to work for improvement and quality assurance. It is considered by Forbes Advisor as the cheapest car insurance in Alaska for upright drivers. Some reasons of its success are probably its cheapest average annual premium, quality customer service, users rating and many other criteria. Time saving being another relevant aspect nowadays, Geico offers a quick and easy claims process.



USAA Car Insurance in Alaska

USAA car insurance is a strong competitor with close prices, for example Forbes Advisor mentioned an average annual rate of $1,140 for good drivers with a 5-star rating, these are some aspects which supported somehow the ranking of USAA car insurance amongst the cheapest in Alaska. Further advantages include important discounts for insuring multiple vehicles, savings of about 10% for bundle auto and property insurance policy.  Although the benefits might be quite interesting USAA profitable coverage seems to be reserved specially for veterans, military members and their immediate families.


3.State Farm

State Farm Car Insurance in Alaska

Recent reviews have reported state Farm Car insurance is the cheapest car insurance in Alaska. Forbes advisor reveals an overall 4.5-star rating for this insurance group; a rate which is not really far from the 3-star given by other expert few months ago, this supported its prominent consideration among the least expensive car insurance. Moreover, State farm insurance has good indicative rate per annum considering various criteria; age, individual credit, driving records, speeding records and others. It is shown that any of this aspect taken separately, has a coverage quiet lower or closer to that of USAA.



Progressive Car Insurance in Alaska

Progressive Car insurance comes behind Allstate with an indicative monthly rate of nearly $155 or event more compare to previous group mentioned above. However, it has a score rate of 3-star, with appealing benefits including important discounts for specific features such as low annual mileage, multiple policies, multiple vehicles, safe driving and for good student. Another impressive fact about progressive car Insurance in Alaska is its affordable insurance rate with driving under influence record, being is $175 per month, which is relatively low compare to that of Geico or Allstate.



Allstate Car Insurance in Alaska

This is another good car insurance company with an average monthly rate of $191 for driver having speeding ticket and approximately $228 monthly after accident. A closed look of these two aspect predicted its highest rate hence it might be good, but costlier than the previous companies. However, Allstate car insurance can be recommended for people seeking for new car replacement coverage. It does have good apprehension as far as this aspect is concerned. Its easy claims and access also stand for benefits offered to stay close of customers and maintain good services.



Nationwide Car Insurance in Alaska

With a score rating of 3-star, Nationwide car insurance in Alaska offers interesting coverage in different aspects including discount and other benefits. For example, a customer taking a multi-policy will get a possibility to save up to $646 with Nationwide, that is if car and home insurance are bundled. It also offered quiet affordable coverage for driver with low-mileage. Talking about discounts, its situation basis; for the case of student with good driving record or an accident free driver, the discount can be considerable.


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