05 Best and Cheapest Auto Insurance in Um Al Quwain

Most of the auto insurance in Um Al Quwain have their main branches there. Common ones include the Um Al Quwain Insurance Agency, Meknas Insurance service, Phoenix General Insurance Service. These insurance agencies are all registered under UAE legislation and do operate as per the law. It is sure that, this market could be really competitive and the customers demand is growing daily, but they somehow provide satisfaction in all aspect to meet the requirement and stand among the best if not the cheapest.

1.Um Al Quwain Insurance Agency

UM Al Quwain car insurance (Auto Insurance in um al quwain)

Established in 2020, the Um Al Quwain Insurance Agency is one of the youngest insurance company in UAE offering various services among which auto Insurance. The Um Al Quwain auto Insurance offers a simple process, through which the customer gets into contact with the agency and obtains a simplify and customized quotation that fits his need. Little is known about their details coverage if not of that cheap pricing for car insurance which is about AED 550 per year.

Office location

King Faisal Road, Al Masa 4 Building, Um Al Quwain

P.O Box 2162

Tel: +971 6 743 3366

Working days: Sunday – Thursday

Working timing: 09:00pm – 5:00pm

Source: http://www.uaqia.com

2.Meknas Insurance Service

It is one of auto insurance in Um Al Quwain offering various services including car registration. Little information is shared about its evolution and year of establishment but it is on the right way for improvement and customer service.

  Office Location

162, Al Ittihad Road, Ground Floor Al Salam 3,

P.O Box 25652

Tel: +971 6 7663389

3.Phoenix Car Insurance Company

Phoenix car insurance company (auto insurance )

It is one of the insurance company present in Um Al Quwain, there are few or no available review about their activity so far.

Office Location

4 King Faisal Road, Um Al Quwain

P.O Box 953

Tel: +971 6 7646545

Working days: Sunday – Friday

Working timing: 08:30am – 4:30pm

4.MM Cars Registration

MM Car Registration (Auto insurance in Um Al Quwain)

MM Cars Registration is a car insurance agency in Um Al Quwain, it is one of the most highly rated insurance in this emirates.

Office Location

Office 201, 2nd Floor, Al Shamook Business Tower, Al Ittahaad Road

Tel: +971 52277870

 Working days: Saturday – Thursday

Working timing: 08:00am – 6:00pm

5.Platinum Vehicle Registration Services (insurance and Documentation Assistance)

Platinum Car Insurance (auto insurance in Um Al Quwain)

History and Documentation Assistance

This is another group dealing with car insurance in Um Al Quwain. It was established in 2010, and is a company dealing mostly with vehicles registration, mechanical testing and other aspect as far as car documentation is concerned. It does facilitate the transaction with Road and transport Authority as well.

Car Insurance services

For the car insurance aspect, Platinum Vehicle Registration services provides various coverage including property damage or theft, Third Party Liability for bodily injury or property damage. Protection against physical injury to the passengers in case of an accident is also another important aspect which is considered here. In short, there are three important facts which are held in their policy that is Third Party Insurance, Third Party Insurance with driver passengers and the comprehensive policy.

Overall advantages

It is quite impressive to see how, this company with extended representation all over UAE stands competition and offers impressive advantages to its customers. Some of which include personal accident cover, large network of garages, Third Party Liabilities. These relevant points worth its position among most reputable car insurance companies in Um Al Quwain.

Office Location

E11-AL SalmahAl Salamah 3-Um Al Quwain

P.O Box 300758

Tel: +971 6 767 1275/+971 55 801 4380 

Working days: Saturday – Thursday

Working timing: 08:00am – 7:00pm

Source: platinumbeema.com

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