The cheapest auto insurance in Georgia 2022

Georgia drivers must have liability insurance that meets the minimum level required by law. That somehow signifies the importance of owning an auto insurance in Georgia. For this purpose, the average cost of auto insurance in this State is $1,639 per year making it one of the most expensive. The reason of the high cost of auto insurance in Georgia might be the dangerous highway, weather mishaps, high cost of auto repair and healthcare. The average minimum coverage that can be paid is about $640, but still it is high, in order to overcome this high rate, car owners have to scrutinized all the available car insurance rate factor wise to get one which satisfy their needs and help them shop around their budget.


Alfa insurance was founded initially for fire insurance only and progressively grew into a massive company servicing about three states in US nowadays. Alfa auto insurance in Georgia received a score of 3.2 out of 5 for customer service, which is considered to be good, but the reason of its low scoring is its presence in limited number of States. It is a good Auto insurance company for car owners in Georgia and other two states like Alabama or Mississippi where it is represented.  Its most appealing advantages are the well customized policy which is quite attractive and does help a lot of people. Wide range of discounts offered by Alfa Auto insurance also support its strength. Last but not the least is the rate of complaint which is quite low.

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2.Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau auto insurance in Georgia

Farm bureau auto insurance in Georgia is another good insurance group with customized policy as well, which prioritizes customer needs. It offers the most affordable minimum coverage for auto in Georgia with a percentage of nearly 20% less than the normal state rate. It is a unique insurance with broad coverage options, and well developed claim service. This is ameliorated by an exceptional PPA (Private Passenger Auto) policy which includes emergency Roadside assistance coverage. Farm bureau provides an important number of discount such as accident forgiveness, Driver Training discounts, Farm auto rates, multiline rates, good student discounts, safe driver discount, and defensive driving class discount.

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It has the second-highest score from J.D Power for customer satisfaction, a strong proof of its good customer service. Auto-Owners offers the second least expensive cost for average annual full coverage for auto insurance in Georgia. Its estimate annual rate for teen drivers is the lowest with an estimate discount percentage of about 45% compare to Statewide rate. The most remarkable benefit is for parents who want to add teen drivers in their insurance, Auto-Owners in Georgia offers for this category the cheapest rate with least increase rate which is only around 5 to 6% compare to the 60% of increase imposed statewide. It is also a good deal for drivers who caused an accident with injury, it proposes the lowest rate in this case.

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4.State Farm

State Farm auto insurance in Georgia

It is also quite popular in this State, offering an overall best rate for every substantial claim. It is well rated for customer service and the financial stability is one of the most stable. State farm auto insurance in Georgia comes among the best for its additional coverage such as roadside assistance in case of vehicle breakdown, and car rental reimbursement including travel expenses. It also provides the second most affordable annual rate for teen drivers, the cost offered here is lower than the statewide range. Its annual rate for young drivers is the lowest with an estimated decrease of almost $400 compare to the state cost. Drivers with poor credit are also beneficiary of the lowest annual rate provided by State farm in Georgia.

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Geico auto insurance in Georgia

This is another well popular auto insurance company with good customer satisfaction or robust financial stability. In contrast to State Farm, Geico auto insurance in Georgia offers cheapest annual coverage for good drivers, providing a huge difference with the overall state annual rate for the same. It is also advisable for drivers with speeding ticket with a decreased rate of nearly $700, an important amount for saving. Geico is also a good choice for drivers with poor credit, it provides the lowest annual rate for this category as well. Senior drivers are the most important beneficial with the most affordable annual rate provided by this company in Georgia, the difference is very clear, nearly $500 lower than the statewide rate.

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