05 Best Car Insurance in Texas

It is compulsory for drivers to have the following basic requirements for car insurance in Texas; bodily injury coverage $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident and property damage coverage $25,000 per accident. This doesn’t really differ if not in figures, from the usual 50/100/50 as basis requirements for all auto owner in the US. Being the second biggest state in America after Alaska, the average auto insurance in Texas in nearly $1,382, but for driver with poor credit score it might reach $2,427 which is about 75% greater than the normal. The amount spend for car insurance in Texas is a concern and many do wonder on which company to contact for affordable cost with quality service and proper claim process.

1.State Farm

State Farm Car Insurance in Texas

State farm car insurance is quite affordable, as its coverages are somehow convenient taking into consideration important number of criteria. For example, recent studies show that State farm car insurance offers an average coverage roughly 30% less than the normal annual average rate which is $1,382 in Texas. Moreover, for driver with speeding ticket or after accident, the rate of state Farm insurance remains the most affordable in Texas. For the above aspects it offers a cost which is about 20% lower than the national rate. State farm also offers interesting coverage rate for teen drivers in both gender, but the annual coverage rate for youngster is quite high compare to rival such as Geico car Insurance. 

Source: https://www.statefarm.com/


Farmers Car Insurance in Texas

With an overall market share of nearly 8.20%, Farmers car insurance in Texas is not to be left apart. Especially considering the above important rank which expresses somehow its popularity and the relevant aim it plays for supporting customers daily. Farmers car insurance has an average rate of $1,155 which is still less than the normal rate in Texas state, and common advantages are low rate for senior drivers, that is for people of above 50 years. Surprisingly, its cost for this category is $845 less than that of state farm especially for women. It is also advantageous for individuals with poor credit, as its rate is affordable. Other benefits of Farmers car insurance in Texas include; medical payments, classic and collector car insurance, customize equipment, full windshield and glass coverage and many more.

Source: https://www.farmers.com/auto/


Geico Car Insurance in Texas

Classified as one of the best car insurance in 2021 by reviewers, Geico car insurance remains the second largest company with attractive quotes following State Farm. The annual rate for Geico car insurance in Texas might be high for driver with poor credit but, its 4.5-star rating as best insurance for teen drivers gives an important consideration because it provides an affordable annual rate for this category. Its monthly rate of $217 for DUI is also a pertinent fact to be considered whilst looking for good insurance company in Texas. Geico car Insurance does offer additional coverage such as emergency Road service, Rental reimbursement, mechanical breakdown. Its Geico Mobile App is an additional tool for quick access to customer requesting for emergency assistance.

Source: https://www.geico.com/vehicle-insurance/


Dairyland Car Insurance in Texas

Dairyland car insurance offers an average annual premium of $1,665 for car in Texas. It might seem a little more than that of the previous companies mentioned above but its liability coverage of $775per year is not that bad, even though it is still more than the state overall average, it does make sense compare to other competitive close rivals with highest amount. Dairyland Insurance come third behind State Farm and Geico insurance with an affordable monthly rate of $60 for minimum coverage. It is indeed a company to consider when looking at insurance policy which will enables some sort of saving while offering the maximum benefits and will stand for the customer at all point.

Source: https://www.dairylandinsurance.com/auto/auto-insurance/state-requirements/texas

5.Amica Mutual

Amica Mutual Car Insurance In Texas

Amica Mutual is another car insurance in Texas with good reputation, the 3.5-star rate attributed by WalletHub’s Editors is a keen prove of its good services. It is a company found among the best with interesting coverage options, quality claims support and of course generous discount.  It might not be present in states like Hawaii, but its presence is remarkable in the rest of the states. It has an overall 0.76% market share in Texas which is not that negligible, hence needs a little push and of course its attractive coverages will surely contribute to that with time. Its low risk driver rate of $1,056 per annum is an example of the great effort to meet cheapest insurance group.


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