Best car insurance in District of Columbia 2022

Car insurance in District of Columbia is costly, drivers are required to pay an average of $1,900 per year or $160 per month for full coverage car insurance. That is about 10% higher than the national average insurance. The reason of this higher price is probably because District of Columbia is a small city and car insurance are usually more expensive in city town than in rural area. It is mandatory for each car driver to carry along for every single journey, the basic requirement proof, as well as the vehicle registration. Drivers have to do an important groundwork to find the most affordable car insurance in District of Columbia. The following are some of the choice which could correspond to customer needs


Erie car insurance in District of Columbia

This insurance company operates in about 12 States and District of Columbia. It is usually well ranked for customer satisfaction. It provides competitive average coverages, even though they are not the most leading, they are generally about 10% cheaper than the common average rate. Erie provides the cheapest minimum coverage car insurance in District of Columbia. Its average for this is nearly 15% less than the city rate for the same. Its average annual full coverage is the second lowest rate compare to that of the city, it does give a reduction of almost 20%. It is also considered to be the best choice for drivers with DUI. Erie provides an average coverage of $2,615 for drivers in this conditions, that is about 20% less than the city rate for the Same.

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2.State Farm

State Farm car insurance in the District of Columbia

It is classified among the top 10 largest insurance company in US, probably the largest with appealing extension all over the country. It’s got an important market share as well providing its important financial base which is a crucial asset for improvement. Its presence in this list as one of the cheapest car insurance in District of Columbia is not a surprise. State Farm offers the lowest full coverage car insurance in this city providing an important saving difference of about 25% of the city average. It offers a good policy for drivers with speeding tickets, its average coverage for this is about $145 monthly, or $1,720 per year, which is significantly lower than the city average for the same. It also proposes important discount packages.

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Geico car insurance in District of Columbia

It is also a large company, usually well ranked for its financial strength which is one of the best. This justifies its high score in claims handling and customer loyalty, even though the customer service is not really at the top. It proposes for car insurance in District of Columbia, the second cheapest average annual cost, and its policy for teen drivers is also the best, offering about 50% difference with the city average cost for the same. It also provides an affordable annual minimum coverage rate $350, which is nearly 30% less than the city rate. Drivers with prior accident case are provided with an average cost of about $1,020 per year, an estimate price which is quiet less than the average city cost providing a reduction of about 25%.

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Nationwide car insurance in District of Columbia

It is another largest insurance in the U.S.. It is one of the best with good financial stability as well. Its rates are usually more expensive than the average, but these are somehow balanced criteria wise. It provides for car insurance in District of Columbia, lower rate for minimum liability coverage. The cost might not be the cheapest in the list but it does provide important difference with the city coverage, $200 as a deductive cost. It is a good choice for drivers with poor credit proposing an average cost of about $350 monthly, that means an overall rate which is estimated with an important reduction from the city rate for the same. Nationwide offers a wide array of discounts, which could help customers lower their insurance considerably.

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It is also an interesting company with good reputation, proposing more than enough in term of customer services and quick reaction to customer claims. It is a better choice for car insurance in District of Columbia; its best asset here is the important digital tools provided for customer assistance to ease their choice when choosing the better quotes according to their needs. It offers the third lowest car insurance rate for minimum coverage car insurance given a reduction of nearly 20% compare to the city rate for the same. It is quiet recommended for high-risk drivers, because its cost for this categories is usually the cheapest; and does offer important discount to help maintain their insurance coverage at a possible lower value.

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