Best car insurance in Connecticut 2022

The average cost of car insurance in Connecticut is 40% higher than the national average car insurance premium. Drivers should pay around $795 per year for minimum insurance and $1,842 for full average annual coverage. the reason of this expensive car insurance in Connecticut might be the high living standard, the capacity of people for purchasing expensive vehicles and the high income level. The cost of car insurance depends on car price and many other factors such as the likelihood of the theft, cost of repairs, driving records, age, gender and more. Drivers do have to search seriously for an affordable insurance company whose rate correspond to their needs and budget.

1.Amica Mutual

Amica car insurance in Connecticut

Amica is one of the oldest mutual insurer established in 1907. It is represented in every state except Hawaii, and was awarded a 3.5 out of 5 by J.D. power for user satisfaction. It has a strong financial base and do assist customers at every level. The coverage rates provided by Amica car insurance in Connecticut depends on customer story just like with any other insurance company. It offers important policy options customized to personal needs with possibility to gain from various discounts. Its dividend policy for example provides customer chance to earn a 20% discounts each year for their premium coverage. It offers the second lowest average annual premium with a significant difference with the state value.



Geico car insurance in Connecticut

It is a large company present in almost all the States in U.S. It has a good financial stability and quite reputable. One its most relevant advantage as a car insurance in Connecticut is the improved website and mobile application which ease customer access to personalized tools earning in time and saving through discounts. It is the overall best car insurance company here for providing the most affordable minimum coverage policy of $475, with a reduction of about 35% from the State coverage. Drivers with prior accident case leading to injury are favored by the lower cost of $1,445, which is also very small compare to the State cost. Discounts offered by Geico are; bundling car and home discount, accident forgiveness discount and more.


3.Kemper insurance

Kemper car insurance in Connecticut

It is one of the nation’s leading insurance company available in all the 50 states and the district of Columbia. Kemper has the highest agent network approximately 34,000 agents and Brokers working daily to improve the reputation of a company which will surely be leading in the years ahead. It has quality service with good capacity in solving customer claims and is clearly made for high-risk drivers. As a car insurance in Connecticut, Kemper provides the second lowest annual average charge for drivers with poor credit giving an opportunity for a saving of almost $500. Good drivers earn a reduction of about 20% from the state average cost paying only $1,200. It offers discount such as multi-car discounts, safety features discounts, good student discount and more.



Nationwide car insurance in Connecticut

Nationwide has a good reputation in the insurance market because of its financial strength but it seems to be a little bit weak in term of customer service. It does have a below average for this factor; a circumstance which will surely improve in the future considering its increasing extension in almost all States and local areas. It is classified among cheap car insurance in Connecticut, because of its wide range of options given possibility for client to personalize his policy depending on his need. This is clearly proven through the gap coverage car rental expenses and other. It is a better option for drivers who do not drive regularly providing that they will reduced their annual coverage considerably through the low-mileage policy.


5.State Farm

State Farm car insurance in Connecticut

It is the number one car insurance company in U.S. in term of market share and premium. One of its strength is the robust financial base providing effective action in claims solving and important responsibility at all. State farm car insurance in Connecticut stands at the top with the lowest average cost for drivers with DUI, providing saving of approximately $1,100 from the State coverage for the same. Good drivers and drivers with speeding ticket are beneficial of lowest coverage as well from state farm company. It also provides multiple coverage options for car owners in Connecticut, some of which are roadside assistance coverage and rideshare coverage for Uber drivers. Its rates are usually reduced by important range of discount depending on customer case. 


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