Best and reputable car insurance in Hawaii for 2022

The average cost for full coverage car insurance in Hawaii is $1,190 per year, nearly $99 per month. This cost is approximately 25% lower than the national average car insurance, and Hawaii is ranked 16th among of the most affordable car insurance in United State. Several factors do impact the cost of car insurance in Hawaii, some of which include gender, age, driving records, and many more. Customers do have possibility in Hawaii to get company providing affordable charges for insurance considering individual conditions. The task is not that easy, they have to go through various companies quotes to get the best, factors wise. The following are some of the most considerate group which might correspond to your needs.


Geico car insurance in Hawaii

It is a large insurance company extended all over U.S. and even internationally. It is known for good customer service and overall low average premium which is usually the lowest in most of the area where it is represented. It provided a huge number of discounts including anti-brakes discount, new car, federal employee, multi-car, safe driving and many other discounts. Geico does provided for car insurance in Hawaii, the most affordable average coverage with a reduction of approximately 20% of the state cost. Its minimum coverage is also the least expensive of the list providing an important difference as well, but the inconvenient is the absence of reduction for individual paying in full and also the online access is not also that ameliorated as well.


2.Island Insurance companies

Island car insurance in Hawaii

It is only Hawaii base company with quality service and top achieving performance in the domain of insurance. It has a good financial stability and leads by its satisfactory quotes at difference levels. It provides the second cheapest cost for minimum coverage of car insurance in Hawaii offering a reduction of about $220 compare to the State rate. It also offers the second cheapest full annual coverage rate with possibility of saving up to 20% of the State rate. It provides wide range of discount such as prior insurance discount, Multi-car discount, Island package bundle, hybrid vehicle discount, group discount, renewal credit or special customer discount and more. Other benefits include emergency towing and labor reimbursement rental car reimbursement.


3.State Farm

State Farm car insurance in Hawaii

 It is one of the largest and top insurance provider is United States. It is highly rated by J.D. power for its quality service and customer support proposing good approach for solving claim obligations. It provides the third lowest average annual coverage for full coverage providing a percentage difference of approximately 10%. Young drivers and drivers with DUI do gain from its lowest annual coverage in both cases with about 20% of difference compare to the state coverage in each of the category. State farm provides for Hawaii drivers possibility to consider add-ons options such as rideshare coverage, car rental coverage, and emergency road service coverage. It provides important discount packages with great savings possibilities.



It is one of the 05 largest homeowner insurance companies in the United State. It holds a good reputation as car insurance in Hawaii characterized by a good financial stability. It provides drivers here with the third lowest annual coverage for drivers with DUI for example, the value might not be that much considerable but there is a difference of almost $600 with the state average cost for the same. It does provide a good cost for young drivers with important reduction value compare to the State normal value. Farmers is known to be expensive in general because of the agent commissions and rising costs overall for other companies. To compensate this inconvenience, it does provide important number of discounts to help customer make some savings.



Allstate car insurance in Hawaii

It is one of the common seen insurance company with average score for customer service and average rates close to the different state values. It provides the fourth lowest average annual full coverage premium for car insurance in Hawaii. It provides a wide range of optional coverage customized to client needs with good opportunity for savings. It provides additional coverages including road assistance coverage, sound system coverage, rental car reimbursement and many more. It provides the third cheapest annual coverage for drivers with speeding ticket and also for drivers with prior at-fault accident, receiving important reduction percentage compare to the state average cost. It provides important discount which can be very advantageous for clients.


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