Best car insurance in San Francisco 2022

The minimum average cost for car insurance in San Francisco is $690 per year or $58 per month which is somehow expensive compare to the California minimum cost. Well, San Francisco has grown to a well reputable city with expensive lifestyle, a fact which might impact on the cost of insurance. Car drivers looking for affordable insurance company have to work tightly to compare policies from different companies taking into consideration that, it does depend on several factors including age, gender, vehicle model, driving history, location and many others. The following are some of the companies with competitive cost in San Francisco which can help car owners shop around their budget while making important savings.


Geico car insurance in San Francisco

Geico is one of the best insurance company in the country proposing excellent rate at paying out claims to customers. That reflects its strong financial background with great reliability. It provides the cheapest cost for minimum liability coverages of car insurance in San Francisco. Its full coverage policy is the most affordable offering a reduction of almost 10% compare to the City cost for the same. some categories of drivers such as those with prior accident case or with speeding tickets do pay the cheapest charge for their policy with Geico insurance, providing great opportunity for saving. Married couples do gain also for an interesting policy with a discount of approximately 35%, which is quite relevant compare to those of other companies.

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Esurance was initially founded in 1999 and is owned by Allstate, it was one of the first insurance companies offering online services. It has grown gradually to a well reputable insurance group with quality service and good financial rating. Its customer service hasn’t been rated but seems to be quiet acceptable. It provides one of the cheapest cost for full coverage of car insurance in San Francisco offering nearly 15% less than the city cost. Drivers with speeding ticket are eligible for lowest cost from Esurance providing good discount package as well. It stands to be one of the best insurance companies with wide array of discount for various groups; some of these discounts are 5% discount upon obtaining a policy online, paid in full discount and many more.

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3.Mercury Insurance

Mercury insurance has been operating for quite some decades now, it is best rated for its excellent financial strength and customer service. It offered coverage similar to that of many other insurance companies, though it is available only in about 11 states in U.S.. It provides some add-ons coverages for car insurance in San Francisco including rideshare coverage and mechanical breakdown coverage, but these are not offered in two of the States where it is represented. Mercury is the best choice for drivers with DUI offering a reduction of about 45% compare to the city cost for the same. It does provide multiple discounts such as MercuryGo which is a usage-based offering immediate discount and many more. But it doesn’t provide online claims process.

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Progressive car insurance is one of the most reputable with appealing rates for high-risk drivers. It is quiet efficient at solving claims obligations and support customers at all cost for various coverages. It provides the second lowest cost for car insurance in San Francisco for married drivers offering a reduction of about 30% compare to the city cost for the same. Progressive does provide the second lowest average annual cost for full coverage with an estimate reduction percentage of approximately 25%. It does provide the second lowest rate for minimum coverage insurance in San Francisco. It offers important discount packages for almost all the categories, including multi-car discount, multi-policy discounts and many more.

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5.Farmers Insurance

Framers car insurance in San Francisco

Farmers is one of the best insurance company in U.S.. providing customized options for policy and average quality of customer service. It is a good choice for drivers looking for car insurance in San Francisco with lowest rates and policy tailored to personal needs. It provides special coverage for new vehicles with good discount. It is a good option for young drivers who have to pay almost 20% less than the normal city cost. Drivers with DUI are also eligible to receive cheapest cost as well. It does offer multiple discounts which is related to certain conditions to which some group of drivers might not be eligible. Its inconveniences might also be the gap insurance which is not a best of the option and it is not also good choice for drivers prioritizing good customer service.

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