The BMW X5

Best among the best!

BMW X5 come out with a huge pressure, of course there were already in the market unbeatable SUV competitors like the Volvo XC90, the Range Rover sport with both sportiness and proper off roading abilities, not forgetting the Audi 07 with comfortable interior and seven seats. Quite impressive opponents, but the BMW X5 does stand the list to be at the top for a reason known to be one of the best luxury midsize SUV on the market and also its exceptional suspension system which easily soaks up bumps on the road giving the conductors an endless exciting riding moment.

Performant, attractive and Reliable

The performance of this SUV could be attributed to its engines which are known to be powerful even thought the maintenance might not be that cheap. A slight comparison f Volvo and this car, will let most the people go for the latter because of its better engine which somehow offers an exceptional reliability. As for the attractive aspect it does have quality materials and comfortable seats and an uncountable number of luxury features. Anyway, it is a personal, but I believe the hybrid model of SUV tend to satisfy most of the owners.

BMW X5, SUV with outstanding equipment

One of the most amazing equipment of this car is the xDrive40i’s smooth 335-hp, 3.0-liter turbo six-cylinder engine that makes it quick and easy to drive very smoothly. It should be note that this car has one of the best infotainment systems and an interesting electrical range which every single person will dream of in his SUV. 

Moreover, for the new 2021 version the plug-in hybrid which xDrive45 is equipped with a high tech turbocharged and a strong electric motor combine for about 389 horsepower. It is a car to be recommend for everyone who loves SUVs.