Bentley Cars, powerful features, models and design

You want have some fun with friends, family or colleague whilst driving, try a Bentley. Bentley Cars comes into different model, and every model has and astounding features making it a dream car for everyone. Let’s look at this a little bit deeper

Models of perfection

Bentley’s motors is known to by the producer of high amazing and luxurious cars, yet four models are well recognized and seem to be the least. Amongst these four models, Bentleys Bantayga W-12 is the cheapest but is quiet performance as well. The Bentley flying spur is part of the list and is recognized to be performant in terms of speed. Well, but compared to the Bentley continental GT which is the fastest of the four with a 60mph in 3.6 second on the way to a top speed of 207 mph, the spur’s which is less sporty and has a torque that doesn’t kick that faster and its weight as well doesn’t really match in its favor, this little points make it slower to not more than 0.1-seconds. The next in the group is Bentley Mulsanne.

Bentleys, comfortable and ergonomically design

Just imagine yourself sitting in an office where everything is design and can be adjusted as per your wish. Yes, the Bentley cars are design offered such facility. You are comfortable while immersing in an ocean of happiness. This ease is offer by the chair which make everyone feel relax, being carry out in smooth and repeated dreams wishing never to stop. Just try it, you won’t be deceived.

A car of reliability

It goes without saying that such an incredible car, with nice facility can’t fail in reliability. Bentley is considered to be more reliable than Volkswagen or Audi, which are amongst the most satisfactory cars as per the manufacturer. Left for everyone to imagine how awesome it’s when driven safely and consciously.

A car that speaks!

Of course it’s surprising, but it speaks to you. The Bentley Continental GT for example, with super formed lines sign of stupendous speed welcome you with sequence of exterior lighting as you unlock the it. Isn’t that cool. Furthermore, the interior light, perfectly conceived can be configured at your preference, quiet an interactive fact. You can use that to welcome your common passenger.

Interesting features about Bentley Cars

Bentley Continental for instance it’s luxury with a particular aerodynamic shape that let everyone speechless. You need power or beauty, yes, it’s a car with tree in one. Luxurious, powerful, and most over beautifully design. With a dynamic V8 or supremely W12 engine, no rival on the way. It offers an exciting moment of driving for tourer, with unforgettable experience. The vehicle consumption is L/100km, with a combined CO2 (275-284g/km)

Exhilarating levels and tuned performance

Bentley Cars offer great confidence through an elated levels of acceleration which is easily enhance by an optimism power of distribution across wheels and axles as per your need. It’s indeed tuned with a powerful electric roll control system, an instant variable resistance which decouple the wheels on each end of the axles and provide control and enjoyable moment with perfectly shaped comfort modes.