The Nissan patrol 2021

The Japanese automaker group has burst out again with a range of outstanding Nissan models. Just a year after the production of the 2020 model Nissan Patrol, the engineers have set the goal on an amazing and fastest model; the Nissan Patrol 2021 Nismo. Everyone seems to be right about the performances of this new SUV in terms of speed. 

Engine performance and fuel efficiency

The Nissan Nismo has an engine of 8 petrol about 5.6 liter which generates up to 428 horsepower and 560 Nm torque, that’s really outstanding compare to his rivals; the Toyota Land cruiser 2021 with a 5.7liter, V-8 engine paired with an 8 speed automatic transmission, the overall generating a 382 horsepower. The Dodge Durango 2021 is another strong competitor with V6 engine generating 295 horsepower and a 260lb-ft torque. These specifications clearly demonstrate the amazing power of the Nissan Patrol 2021 Nismo over its rivals. 

Perfect Safety and amazing technology

This new SUV is equipped with 8 astounding safety features controlled by a high performance technology. These features are set to perform in assistance of the driver in case of trouble. It Include Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian detection, the intelligent Forward Collision Warning, the intelligent Blind Spot Intervention, the Intelligent Back-up Intervention, the Intelligent around view monitor Moving object detection, the Intelligent Lane intervention, the Intelligent Cruise Control and the Intelligent Rear view Mirror. These above features are of great importance in term of safety and do assist the driver whenever needed for a safe drive. The Nissan Patrol 2021 Nismo is furnished with an android auto display which assist in navigating with exact direction and focus on the schedule. Not forgetting the integrated available voice commands which makes the driving more exciting. It is also equipped like most of the new SUV model with an Apple Carplay which brings on the board your contacts, favorite audio apps, maps and more.

Designed for a dream drive

Most of the SUV owners are fan of speed, sweet drive quality performance and most importantly boldness; of course, the Nissan Patrol 2021 Nismo has a bold design which offer the owner a high merit and joy. It is a dream car for everyone not only because of its crazy race-proven engineering and refined aerodynamics, but also because of the adaptability in any field. That is impressive, it’s a car for people with true passion and boldness. 

Price Range in reference to rivals

The Nissan group with huge range of cars never step down when it comes to prices, so is the case with Nissan Patrol 2021 Nismo which is around $104,813 (AED 385,000 in UAE) compare to Dodge Durango with a price ranging from $ 36,76 to $51,699 (AED 134,900 to AED 189,900) and Toyota Land cruiser 2021 which is another close rival with a range price starting from $85,665 (AED 314,665).