Genesis is new brand of the Korean luxury automaker, division of the Hyundai group created between 2014 and 2015. The group has so far produced a considerable range of luxurious cars among which the fantastic and styling Genesis G70 with sports sedan segment very nice handling sharp and astonishing value, the Genesis G80 Sedan, the Genesis G90 with an interesting bang for the buck and a well-equipped cabin; it is a luxury Sedan as well. All this above models are produced in 2020. The list is quiet exhaustive; our focus here will be more on the Genesis GV80

GENESIS GV80, Beautifully Crafted!

 The Genesis GV80 shows an impressive beauty which evoke limitless thoughts and dreams. Of course it is well crafted and stand to has an “Athletic Elegance”; concept under which it was launched. Every single external detail is well designed with an impeccable precision, the appearance of these details precisions express the original identity of the Genesis GV80. It is really cool as GV80 presents personalized elements such the crest grille, the Quad lamps, and the Parabolic line, clockwise from the left corner, all these symbolized its belonging to the Genesis brand.

GENESIS GV80, what an amazing technology!

Most of the SUV do make a difference by their outstanding features, probably related to the design or the performance or other impressive criteria, the Genesis GV80 stands apart with unbelievable high quality technology. It is equipped with an exceptional sound, 21 lexicon speakers and a 14-channel high output amplifier which offers the GV80 rich bass for an interesting long drive while immerging in an ocean of lovely sounds. Well, the dashboard here has the Genesis user interface with navigation map including a 14-5 inch display Android Auto and Apple car play, isn’t that amazing!  Genesis GV80 also integrate controller, a remote smart parking assist which automatically the steering wheel and vehicle parking whenever needed. The least but not the last is the outstanding unique eye catching flourishes used embedded LEDS to project the Genesis logo brightly to be seen from nearly on the ground.

GENESIS GV80, Impeccable safety 

 This SUV is said to be steady and secure, it all stands when you profoundly look at the safety features it offers, it has a blind spot view monitor which help during changing or entering a new lane as this system display a clear visibility in the blind spot screen to alert the driver of any hidden surprise. It is also equipped with a parking Collision-Avoidance Assist-Reverse which detects vehicles or pedestrians and obstacles to the rear GV80 during parking or exiting a parking zone; it works by activating the brakes automatically to prevent sudden collision. The list of the safety features is really exhaustive, as there are the lane following assist system, the Intelligent Front light system, the lane following assist system, smart cruise control helping in maintaining safe distance, the 10-airbag system and the last but not the least, the driver attention warning which monitors the driving inputs focusing on the driver face through a camera incorporated in the dashboard and alert for any subsequent break when necessary.  

GENESIS GV80, unbelievable performances 

It was awarded the same overall score in Luxury midsize SUV rankings as to the Mercedes Benz-GLE and the Porsche Cayenne which are considered to be the most desirable SUVs nowadays. Moreover, it got a fourth place, behind the BMW X5 but ahead of the Land Rover Defender. These are quiet surprising aspect for a new SUV in its first year in the market. Some valuable aspects of the GV80 could be attributed to its impressive Terrain Mode. An incredible AWD system and electronic differential for driving on all sort of area with excellent commodity good stability and perfect road balance. 

 GENESIS GV80, price range 

The Genesis GV 80 price range is from $48,900 to $65,050 for the advance model, and the GV80 price of the prestige model starts from $70,950.