Why the amazing Rivian R1T is the most wanted electric Truck in 2021?

The Rivian R1T is an all-electric pickup manufactured by the new American automaker Rivian. It is announcing to be an amazing challenger for all sort of adventurous drive. It has an excellent off-road capability and an outstanding design from out to inside. It is the first ever produced electric truck with a powerful towing capacity of nearly 11,000 pounds. This capacity is a little bit low than that of the Chevrolet Silverado or the Ford F-150 which has probably similar size but the Rivian R1T exhibits only one form and 5 seating spaces with about 6.4-foot bed. The Rivian might have been announced to be released at the half of the previous year, it is yet to stand the competition in term of commodity and a price. It seems to have a starting price of $69,000 quite affordable than a full loaded 2021 Ford F-150 which cost up to $78,945.

 Rivian R1T innovation at all

The R1T is a big truck quiet wider than the Ford Ranger, it is a little more longer with an innovative exterior design with pup up amenities such as the glowing white LED bar looking very exceptional maybe because can be assimilated to a vertical line, and replacing the normal grille found in common vehicles.  These amazing light is accompanied by two torch-like LED light display at both side of the front looking quite attractive. The same horizontal LED is found at the back of the Rivian R1T pickup Truck characterizing the singularity of this amazing vehicle without comparison. It is indeed a car full of innovative fact, especially when you look at the packing or storage space in between the tail gate and the front body part.

Rivian R1T 2021, Amazingly cool
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Rivian R1T Interior specs and infotainment

The Rivian R1T is materialized by pure leather material recalling the old design found in the jeep Wrangler. It is really comfortable having heated front seats and ventilation, with an exemplified simplicity and an excellent legroom. It also has a good panoramic sunroof which offers a shining space. The front seat with high quality materials, a fact that sets it apart from luxury electric vehicle such as the Lamborghini.  It has a complete set of infotainment features including a 12.3-inch touchscreen on the dashboard, it is extended to navigation, media, climate control and others. It is a very simple system easy to use. Other important features are the available software updates, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Rivian R1T engine characteristics and safety tools

  • This truck is equipped with four electric motors, mounted at each wheel. It delivered about 835 horsepower and about 901 lb-ft of Torque. It hits an impressive speed of 60mph in 3seconds, that is a top speed limited electronically to 110 mph. The Rivian R1T is an excellent vehicle in terms of fuel economy, it has an equivalent EPA estimated of about 70mpg combined which is far an impressive value ever seen. The Rivian R1T is a strong model displaying an interesting safety performance.
  • It is surely going to produce a top safety pick rating, that is the higher level possible after testing. This Pickup features the latest upgraded safety features combined to driver assistance systems. Some of these tools are the Tire pressure monitoring useful in monitoring the Tire-pressure, the hydraulic Roll Control which ensures the control of the wheel and the car body motion, the Air Suspension system which keeps the stability of the vehicle. Other safety tools include the standard automated emergency braking, standard lane-departure warning and the Standard adaptive cruise control.

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