The Land Rover Range Rover Sport

History and evolution

The range rover is a Land rover model. This brand is out since 1948, the first range Rover is produced in 1970. But the first land Rover company came out in 1978 under British Leyland Motors. So far, it has gone to the four generation not forgetting about the hybrid model. Talking about the generation, there is Range Rover Velar, 1st generation Range rover (1970), Second generation Range Rover (1994), Third generation Range Rover (2001), the Range Rover stomer (2004) and finaly the Range Rover sport which was production in 2005. Well, the production of the sport model marked the introduction of the Rand Rover family in the universe of SUV’s hence proving the high commitment to quality production and performance. But the company didn’t stop there, it went further and produced in 2011 the Range Rover Evoque which seemingly was named car of the year by different sellers, probably because of the classic design and the luxurious features. The year 2012 will then be marked by production of the fourth generation Range Rover with and incredible long wheelbase and floating roof, not to talk of the nice lightweight body. That was impressive, but with the concept of hybrid cars evolving ubiquitously, range Rover Hybrid will come among in 2013 with an interesting improvement as far as fuel economy is concerned and reduction of emission as well. Isn’t that amazing!

Range Rover a spectacular SUV 

Land Rover range rover is a luxurious car with no doubt, many people do believe on that concept, probably because it is expensive, larger, and do looks attractive. But the main reason why it is considered as a spectacular car could be it capability to go anywhere no matter the area, and the quality of its interior. Moreover, the design is impeccable not to talk of the very distinctive rounded corners which make the car an exceptional SUV 

Range Rover ranked from best to worst 

Since 2018, the was a ranked of range Rover models and it appears that Land Rover Range Rover is the best and is the most expensive, followed by the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, the Land Rover discovery, the Land Range Rover Velar, Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and the less expensive and worst Land Rover discovery sport probably because it seems to be the least dependable car in the list, it should be noted that the 2021 version has not yet been fully tested, so it is a wait and see, one might be surprised.