The Ford Expedition 2021

This is a full size SUV from the Ford Motor Company. It is an imposing vehicle with amazing features that will let no one apart. This SUV was introduced firstly in 1997 in replacement of the Ford Bronco and so far, it has gone through changes and the final result is just fantastic. 

Perfect Accessories for a top SUV

The ford expedition 2021 is equipped with accessories without comparison, from the front Hood protector attractively designed to the splash guards that offer an imposing protection, it could be considered to be a perfect vehicle. Other interesting attachments are the rack mounted bike carrier with lock, really good for a weekend camping with possibility of having few hours of bike trip, really amazing. The last but not the least are the Roof mounted Cargo basket and the Racks and Carriers which offer a possibility of adjusting a tent for a relaxing moment, quiet beautiful.

Stylish, unstoppable and powerful SUV!

The ford Expedition is known to be luxurious and powerful and made for every adventure on the roadside. These performances are closely related to the unlimited standards including the spacious interior with 8-seats comfortably designed, the powerful 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine roaring 400horsepower and about 650Nm of torque with an amazing fuel economy, a feature clearly relevant for most of the SUVs fan. The ford expedition 2021 is equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission which offer more performance and boldness for adventure drives. It is designed with amazing safety performance including the bunch of collision-avoidance technology, that is the Anti-Lock Brake system, the Roll Control with Advance Trac, and most importantly the child safety door locks and safety seats, the exact needs for the whole family to feel safe in every trip. 

The Ford Expedition 2021, high tech and good price

Apart from the impeccable safety technology, the ford has more than enough for a dream drive. The infotainment system is amazingly designed with an 8-inch touchscreen, an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility with a 4G LTE mobile hotspot, a complete set for a dream drive while connected. It does offers good price, starting from $52,290 not that far from that of its close rivals, the Chevrolet Tahoe $50,245 and the Chevrolet Suburban $53,945. The ford expedition does have another high rival, the Lincoln Navigator with more horsepower and a 10-inch touchscreen and little more expensive with a starting price of about $73,000 but the ford does offers more capacity in terms of towing.