Opel Grandland X 2021, Discover joyful driving experience

If you are out there for a car full of high-tech and offering thrilling drive, the Opel Grandland X is surely a good choice. It is a compact crossover SUV, launched since 2017 by the German manufacturer Opel and cooperated British brand Vauxhall. It is assembled in France, Namibia and Eisenach in German, and is known to have considerable number of customized features. The Opel Grandland X 2021 has good quality, quality build, high standard equipment and materials. It offers amazing drive and comfort in all extend. It has attractive exterior tools such as the Auto headlamps, Electric door mirrors, LED headlights, single Exhaust tip, daytime running lights-LED, Fog Lamp-rear only for a safe drive in rough climate conditions, LED Taillights, and most importantly extraordinary 17-inch alloy wheels perfect for an adventurous drive. The Opel Grandland X 2021 is usually compared to model such as the Nissan Qashqai, Toyota C-HR, Honda HR-V, Renault Captur or Toyota Rav4, these are classmates which show similar appearance like the Grandland X but do have several number of disparities.

Opel Grandland X 2021 with spacious interior

The opel Grandland X 2021 offers 5-seating spaces with exhilarating luxury. The elegance is without comparison, with a combination of black or grey cream color of the seats cover. Another amazing part is the ergonomic front seats with AGR certification, a plus in term of conformity and innovation. The standard soft premium interior with precise contoured shapes combined to customizable design make the Grandland X 2021 an ultimate choice to reconsidered. Further interior features include the heated front and rear seats offering impeccable drive. You should also look at the heated steering wheel favoring easy drive or the kick operated power tailgate system which opens easily with a push button or the heated windscreen. The ambient light of the Opel Grandland X is an exceptional tool which illuminate the center console and front doors, giving an impression of driving in an imaginative planet. The last but not the least is the stunning panoramic sunroof quiet stylish with an impressive view. The Opel Grandland is indeed an SUV with premium luxury considering the quality tools find in the interior. Moreover, it is really spacious with about 514litres of boot, a space usually found in family SUV of high class.

Opel Grandland X 2021 connectivity and performance

The Opel Grandland X 2021 has an interesting high-tech to complete the list of the high standard comfort. In fact, the infotainment comprises high quality tools such as the 3D European Sat with traffic message channel, or the Embedded voice control, text read out and /or reply. The connectivity is never compromise especially with standard items such as the Apple CarPlay, the Android Auto, the Smartphone projection or the Bluetooth audio streaming for exciting drive. The full set is connected to an 8-inch LCD color screen, no need of cables for any streaming, all is set to a powerful wireless IntelliLink system. Talking about performance, the Grandland 2021 is has a 1.6 liter V4 engine with maximum output 128 horsepower and 300Nm with 8-speed automatic transmission and front wheel drive. The fuel economy is not that bad, the turbo 1.6liter has a fuel consumption of 5.0l/km an EPA estimate of 56mpg for UK and 47mpg in US, criterion which makes the Opel Grandland X 2021 an interesting deal in terms of fuel efficiency.

Opel Grandland X 2021 reliability and safety

The Opel Grandland X 2021 is a good, and quality built crossover SUV. It performed well in term of reliability, ranked 7th out of 75 cars, it is more than satisfactory to be considered among the good SUV. The astonishing space, equipment and amelioration in many other areas are also good enough for its consideration. Some reasons of its good consideration could be its worth and affordable price compare to competitors such as the Toyota C-HR. The Opel Grandland X cost about $26,482, quiet affordable. It is known to be a good car, and the safety track is also really perfect. In fact, the Grandland has great combination of safety tools, such as the automatic transmission with highway integration Assist.  This tool is combined to camera and radar sensors which facilitates the driving exercise.  The Adaptive Cruise find here is also an important safety instrument as it helps maintain the distance with the front vehicle while controlling the brake. Other safety features are the front collision warning with automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane departure warning and the blind spot warning system.

Source : https://www.opel-uae.com/en/index.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI17CrxrnT8wIViIxRCh2oXg42EAAYASAAEgJCMPD_BwE,

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