Honda Civic: America’s Top-Selling Car

Over the past decade, we witnessed the evolution of technology and cars. However, when it comes to the best-selling cars of all times, only a few come to our mind. Renowned automobile companies such as General Motors, Ford, Tesla, and BMW are some of leading names that are dominating the industry for decades.

Today, every brand aims to build the most practical, reliable, and adaptable car. Many of today’s most popular cars are available at affordable price tags which adds more value to these vehicles.

A U.S. auto sales analysis by, revealed in 2020 that when it comes to the top-selling automotive brands, Honda holds the first spot. Interestingly, Honda is selling more than twice the number of cars than Hyundai, the second best-seller on the list. The brand sold 107,742 vehicles in February 2020, alone.

Honda Civic: An Introduction

Honda enjoys a consistent reputation for engineering well-crafted automobiles. However, Honda Civic ranks as the top-selling car in the U.S. thanks to its practicality and ease use. Civic is a top tuner car which means it holds immense potential for drivers who are looking for customization and excitement. For those who don’t know, a tuner car refers to any vehicle that you can modify, for performance and handling.

Civic fans open swap out their vehicles’ original engines for higher-displacement Honda engines to compete with models like Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution and Volkswagen GTI. Car buffs love Honda Civic because it is a compact car but still roomy on the inside. Not only the car is fun to drive but there are plenty of configurations to choose from for an exciting driving experience.

Enjoy driving the Honda Civic as a sedan, hatchback, or a coupe. The Honda Civic is a fabulous distance traveler with only a few limitations, such as the number of people you are taking or the amount of stuff you need to carry. Both the standard and turbocharged engine versions give solid power and exceptional gas mileage. Pair it with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) or a six-speed manual transmission a fantastic driving experience.


Get Ready for Honda Civic 2022 

Since its inception in 1973, the Honda Civic has undergone many redesigns and upgrades. The eleventh-generation Civic is going to offer quite a few features for the modern driver. The 2022 Civic will boast high-tech safety features with an improved fuel economy. The model will diversify its traditional virtues to provide a simplified interior design and better outward visibility. The all-new Civic will also offer improved handling, cementing the reputation built on five decades of efficiency and durability.

Get ready to embrace the 2022 redesign look that completely transforms the Civic, inside and out. Some drivers may consider the version’s conventional design plan and boring, especially when compared the flamboyant previous design. However, the forthcoming Type R, Hatchback, and Type R models are sure to spice up the appearance.

The new Civic is well thought out and comfortable. With a 1.4-inch longer wheelbase, rear-seat passengers enjoy excellent comfort. Wide front seats allow bigger people to fit in easily and comfortably. The center console area is covered with an attractive and textured material instead of the currently fashionable piano-black trim that looks fabulous until it has fingerprints. The car registers 69 decibels, at 70 mph. That’s 2 decibels below its predecessor.

When it comes to technology features, Honda is usually slower than other automakers that integrate exotic features into their budget-friendly cars. The good news is that the Civic does present a few new items. The top-trim Touring gets the most significant upgrades including a wireless charging pad and a 9-inch touchscreen. You also get additional wireless functionality for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration.

The 2022 Civic is a top pick in the class. Drivers can opt for a cargo-friendly hatchback model or a Sedan. However, if you want to keep the costs low, purchase a base model to benefit from driver assistance and standard infotainment features. If you want a truly exceptional performance, choose the turbocharged engine for best results.

Here are some pros and cons of Honda Civic 2022.


  • Strong overall performance
  • Good cargo space and fuel economy
  • Appealing design inside and out
  • Easy-to-use tech features


  • No front-seat lumbar support
  • Significant amount of road noise on the highway
  • False alarms from safety features may be distracting

Bottom Line

Nearly five decades have passed since the Honda Civic arrived. Over the years, the model underwent numerous upgrades. However, the Honda Civic continues to be the top-selling car of all time and offers one of the best resale values than most cars you will find today.