Haval 2021 SUVs lineup, amazing and powerful

Haval is a Chinese automotive brand, specifically SUVs whose production is done by Great Wall Motors. It has about 11 Crossovers on the market including the H6, H9, H6 coupe, H7, Haval M6 and M6 plus, Haval Jolion, Chitu and recently the Haval Shenshou wish came out in 2021. But that is not all, because, the Chinese manufacturer has announced the production of the Haval X Dog for the year 2022. The Haval SUVs model are now popular in UAE, Australia, probably because of the high quality and the affordable prices. It is also by far a good brand made with the idea of bringing new touch in the SUVs trend. The H6 is an example of Chinese engineering, describing the perfection at one, it is a well-equipped family Crossover very strong with upgraded technology. It is designed to compete with well-known model such as the Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Tucson, Ford Escape, Mazda CX-5, Holden Captiva or Holden Equinox. The H6 is model to consider.

2021 Haval H6, design with precision

The 2021 Haval H6 is the second generation of this model, designed with focus on satisfying the customer by all means. It is larger than classmate but smaller than other SUVs model. The H6 looks is modernized with excellent chrome highlights, swift and fierce Waits lines done with an amazing precision. It is a bold model displaying a panoramic sunroof, automatic front boneless wiper, integrated floating Designed engine hood plus LED and a front grille exceptionally crafted with medium horizontal line carrying the HAVAL name at the center. It is indeed an attractive Crossover with sporting style supported by cladding design wheel and side guard, all embellish by 18-inch Alloy wheels. It has a stunning look, offering great value in terms of price; that is about $30,990 as base price. It offers three trim levels; the premium, Luxury and the Super luxury, each of which amazed by its shining exterior look. But a fact to note is that the H6 doesn’t has hybrid version.

2021 Haval H6 interior, infotainment

The H6 seems to have come with appreciated touch and quality luxury compared to the old model which was least furnished and low pleasant as well. It is made with a good floating centre control, offering 7 seater covered by quality leather materials. This interior is really spacious with swathes of leather, piano black surfaces. It has power driver seat, heated front seat, leather steering wheel, dual climate control, one touch windows on all doors, and many more. These luxurious interior is accompanied by huge infotainment tools including a 12.2 –inch infotainment touchscreen, panoramic sunroof, wireless phone charging and USB port for powerful connectivity. The H6 also has sat-nav for Apple CarPlay, but lacks the common satellite navigation system for orientated drive. The H6 offers indeed a high-tech infotainment system that turns any more than simple making the life convenient while staying connected.

2021 Haval H6 engine specs and safety rating

The H6 comes with a 2.0liter 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces 197 horsepower and about 350 Nm of Torque. The engine matches the performance of a powerful turbocharged engine, moreover, it is connected to a seven speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, for a Front-wheel drive. But this engine seems to offer least fuel efficiency, that is approximately 7.4l/100km combined. That is least important, since it is compensated by the safety rating which is impressive. In fact, the Haval H6 has a 5 stars for safety rating, hence is considered to be a good car model. It is not all, the aim of the Haval automaker is the paramount safety of the customer, so is the new challenge being taken into consideration for any upcoming model. The H6 is equipped with important safety features such as Omni-directional airbags, automatic collision unblocking function, and anti-theft alarm system, electronic engine immobilizer and many more to keep the driver and other passenger safe.

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