Best car insurance in USVI (U.S. Virgin Islands) 2022

The USVI are American group of Caribbean territory located at the east of Puerto Rico. Car insurance in USVI can be covered by most of the United States forms of auto insurance but the doubt should be cleared by checking the basis requirements for car insurance in USVI, keeping in mind that, it varies considerably according to the State law.  The minimum car insurance requirement in the USVI include $10,000 per year for bodily insurance per person, $25,000 per year for injury liability per person, and $10,000 for property damage liability. The coverage policies depend on each company involves in the car insurance process with the aim to provide customers with quality service and important opportunity for savings.

1.Family Insurance Agency

Family car insurance in USVI

It is an independent insurance agency established in 1989 with the aim to provide USVI citizens with personal and business insurance solutions. With a focus predominantly in proposing comprehensive at the lowest price possible, Family insurance maintain work tediously to stand with satisfactory car insurance in USVI. It proposes policies which relieve customers stress on shopping around the budget. It offers the normal requirements as prescribe by USVI law, proposing an optional medical coverage with a possible coverage of almost $1,000 per person. Customers do have possibility to upgrade their liability limits to their convenience, in exchange of more advantageous options.

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2.Keswick insurance

Keswick car insurance in USVI

It is another prestigious insurance company which has been on the market for more than 20 years now, providing personal insurance, commercial insurance and above all, the best car insurance in USVI. Its efficiency in this domain is characterized by important advantages including its quick access auto insurance with immediate result, an experienced team devoted to assist the customer in making the right choice according to his personal needs and an exceptional trustworthy customer care. Keswick does provide the basic requirement as prescribed by the law, and also offers optional coverages among which medical coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, rental reimbursement and towing. It is a choice to reconsidered.

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3.1st Bank Insurance

1st Bank car insurance in USVI

It is a financial corporation operating since 1948, in Puerto Rico, and with branch in USVI. It proposes personalized services and innovative solutions in various aspects including insurance. As a car insurance in USVI, it has come long from financial institution to a giant insurer in the market proposing important values to support customer’s protection and needs. It offers a personal auto policy which pays annually and does covers important areas in term of auto insurance. Some of the important aspect of this coverages are; liability coverage for personal and property damage, comprehensive for damages to insured vehicle, collision coverage for damage of insured vehicle caused by a collision with car or object and Medical expenses which covers medical and funeral expenses.

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4.Guardian Insurance

Guardian car insurance in USVI

It is a company dealing with premier insurance plans since 1948 in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. It is considered to be one of the biggest car insurance in USVI proposing conservative policy with solid development. It is a leading company in term of customer care providing a one to one share profitability to assist customer obtain the needed policy, convenient to his requirements. Guardian is quiet committed to its customer satisfaction and protection providing assurance in various cases including hurricanes or earthquakes. It does propose to client basic car insurance requirement as per the State recommendations. Upon that, its policy involves various coverages among which; property damage liability, property damage, medical payments liability, comprehensive physical damage and many more.

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5.Annaly Insurance

Annaly car insurance in USVI

 This is another probable company offering home, life, health and auto insurance. It has been operational for almost 20 years now offering online free quotes for car insurance in USVI. It is one of the most appealing insurance company in USVI proposing competitive coverage with possibility to gain important number of advantages. Some of these advantages are coverage for theft, vandalism and many more. It does assure the provision of the basic requirements as per the USVI law with maximum protection. Annaly is reported with good customer’s satisfaction, a proof of its heartwarming work daily to keep in touch with client while providing the necessary needs for their overall safety.

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