Cheapest car insurance in Philadelphia 2022

Car insurance in Philadelphia seems to be very expensive because Pennsylvania is a no-fault state with high population density. Drivers have to pay an annual average rate of $2,135 which is higher than both the state and national average costs of car insurance. The average annual cost of minimum coverage is $1,217 per year, or 101 per month; that is about 45% more than the state average, making it the most expensive city in Pennsylvania for car insurance.  However, there are insurance companies providing affordable rate for car owners in Philadelphia, depending on certain factors related to the individuals, and others. The following are some famous companies providing affordable rates which might help car owners.


Travelers car insurance in Philadelphia

Travelers has a good rating and is classified among the 10 best companies for auto insurance. It’s considered to be a good insurance company because of financial stability, a strong credit rating and above-average for customer service. Travelers provides one of the cheapest car insurance premium in Philadelphia with a good discount compare to the city cost. It is a good car insurance in Philadelphia for its cheap full coverage which is the second lowest with about 30% reduction compare to the City average. Even though its customer service here might not be that satisfactory, Travelers does have a superior ability to meet claims obligations and regularly works with clients to resolve issues. It offers a lot of discounts as well to help drivers.

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Erie car insurance in Philadelphia

Erie insurance is usually rated with good score for its excellent customer service, it generally gets high marks for customer satisfactions form J.D. Power rating. Its insurance prices are quite competitive as well, though it is selling only in about 12 States. Its minimum coverage for car insurance in Philadelphia is one of the lowest with a difference of about $350 from the city cost. It also offers cheapest cost for insurance full coverage providing an important discount. Drivers with speeding tickets do pay the second lowest cost for their insurance; moreover, those with prior accident case do receive an increase of only 7% with Erie insurance, a percentage which is quite low, in contrast to the value usually added in the city rate or by other competitors.

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3.State Farm

State Farm car insurance in Philadelphia

Always known as the first most popular insurance company in U.S., State farm stands on the way with a constant improving reputation through good financial strength, excellent customer service and appreciable extension covering almost all the necessary zones. It provides the cheapest minimum coverage for car insurance in Philadelphia, offering a difference of about 10% in contrast to the city average. It provides better policy for drivers with speeding tickets or with prior accident case who have to pay about 30 to 35% less than the cost imposed by the city. Drivers with DUI do also pay lower cost for their insurance policy with State providing important savings. It offers add-on coverage such Road-assistance coverage.

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4.New Jersey Manufacturers

New Jersey manufacturers was originally founded in 1913 in New Jersey to provide workers’ compensation, it has grown along to become a reputable company providing auto insurance, home insurance and others. Although it is selling only in five States including Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio and Maryland, it is ranked among the best insurance companies based in its customer service, ease to filling a claim and possible discounts. This company provides for good insurance policy for safe drivers and drivers with good records for car insurance in Philadelphia. It offers wide array of discounts, such as new car discount, paid in full discount, paperless discount, vehicle safety equipment discount and wide range of payment options.

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Geico car insurance in Philadelphia

Geico insurance success is related to its financial stability, competitive insurance rates, and great customer service. But the most important fact is the company innovative and user-friendly initiatives. Its cheapest full coverage for car insurance in Philadelphia is one of the cheapest with good reduction percentage compare to the city actual cost; this full coverage includes comprehensive coverage paying for damage out of accident and repairs; and collision coverage which pays for damage to vehicle in case of being at-fault in accident. It offers cheap minimum coverage as well with important discount in comparison to the city coverage. Geico offers wide array of discounts for all categories.

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