Best and Cheapest car insurance in Virginia 2022

Car insurance in Virginia cost a minimum of $930 per year, and full coverage average is approximately $1,582 per year. It is significantly lower than the average annual national rate, but drivers still have to work in searching for the right policy which will be convenient for them in all aspects. Taking into consideration the fact that car insurance in Virginia just like in any other state provides rate base on certain criteria, it is therefore a little bit tedious for individual to move from one website to another to get the cheapest rates. The following review does propose some interesting companies with convenient rates which could ease client search.  

1.State Farm

State Farm car insurance in Virginia

It is a very popular company with strong financial base, good customer service. Its rates are usually the most competitive. State Farm car insurance in Virginia appears to be the best with the second if not the most affordable annual average coverage below the state value, providing a saving of nearly $150. It is the least expensive for young adults who will pay automatically the lowest average cost of the list with an important saving quote as well. Drivers with at-fault accident situation can benefit also for the cheapest cost it provides. The most appealing case is that of drivers with DUI who do pay the cheapest average coverage with an increase of only 8% compare to the 10 to 20% imposed by the state in the same.

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Geico car insurance in Virginia

It is another largest insurance company with interesting facts. Geico Car insurance in Virginia is a good company with interesting customer service, good financial strength. It provides the most affordable minimum liability coverage with about 30% difference with the State annual rate. It offers a very stable online process with well-furnished website, a mobile application quiet easy to use and very useful. It supports good drivers with least expensive annual coverage as well. It is also an interesting choice for drivers with poor credit with a difference of about 30% difference with the State normal rate. Senior drivers also gain important rate with Geico insurance providing the most achievable rate among cheapest insurance in Virginia State.

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Erie car insurance in Virginia

It is another good company, represented in almost twelve States. Its success in due to its well experienced agents who provided good service, and its stable financial base. Erie car insurance in Virginia also offers very low annual average premium which is an interesting advantage to consider. It provides good drivers with one of the cheapest annual average coverage with good difference compare to Statewide cost. Clients are eligible to various discount packages including anti-theft devices discount, anti-lock brake discounts, multi-car discount and most importantly, the possibility to gain a $100 discount for people without any claim. Its accident forgiveness policy is also one of the best option to consider as it provides important saving.

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Nationwide car insurance in Virginia

It is one of the largest company in State, usually ranked among the top 10 grown insurance group. Nationwide car insurance in Virginia is an amazing corporation with competitive coverages. It has the second cheapest average annual premium showing an important difference with the state cost, hence could be a good choice for people shopping around budget. It offers standard coverage for car insurance in Virginia with possibility of personalizing the option to client convenience. It is the most relevant choice for parents who need to add teen drivers in their insurance policy, it does provide lower rate with small increased rate which is about 60%, very lower compare to the estimate percentage of almost 150% from the state for the same.

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Travelers car insurance in Virginia

It is a good company as well, probably not that famous like the previous ones, but does provide enough to be among the best. Travelers car insurance in Virginia is an option to look into very closely considering its good score for customer satisfaction, it proves that it can be a good choice. It has the second lowest average annual premium for full coverage with important difference with the State cost. Its estimate average charge for drivers with speeding tickets is one of the cheapest in the list, providing a significant deductive value. The interesting fact here is the policy providing good option with ridesharing coverage, gap insurance, new car replacement coverage even though it might not be for better car.

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