Toyota Raize 2022, a new style for a pleasant drive

The Toyota Raize is the new competition article from the Japanese automaker with enough tools to overcome the market trend in all segment.  It is an amazing five seats Small SUV which is produced in four variants. Common variants of this amazing SUV include; 1.2 E MT, 1.2 CVT, 1.2 E CVT and the 1.0 Turbo CVT. It is a versatile sport utility Vehicle that provides more than only comfort and fun for the happiness of all, hence has the merits of the name it bears “RAIZE” which means “an active car that excites your everyday life”.

The small car that conquer the world

The Raize 2022 has come this year with complete set of tools to satisfy hunger of SUVs lovers. In fact, it has a strong and bold body, quiet practical for different fields. What about the angular bumper which describes the strength of a vehicle which might look small but hypocrisy performant in all means. The right word “it is a model with attractive cockpit and undescriptive performance”. It is a readymade vehicle on the way to conquer the world in deep.

Toyota Raize 2022 with spacious interior

This new crossover displaying four variants, offers five seating spaces quite comfortable. The seat high-quality materials provide a new look to this luxury SUV with warm wood trim. They are adjustable and perfectly made; hence both the driver and passengers can enjoy the trip while seating at their convenience and this for a long distance. Concerning the infotainment system; the front of the Raize 2022 is occupied by a 7-inch touch screen situated specifically on the center of the dashboard and extended by different peripheral connections such as Bluetooth, the common Apple CarPlay, reversing camera and few other important features for the comfort of the customer.

Toyota Raize 2022, performance meets comfort

This Toyota Raize 2022 is known for its amazing 1.2liter naturally aspirated engine, with 3-cylinder gasoline releasing up to 96hp and 140Nm of Torque; or a 1.0liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine offering 87 hp and 113Nm of Torque. What so ever is the engine type, you have got enough to run the way for a massive adventure. With an important fuel mileage ranging from 16.0 to 16.6Km/L combined, it is made to be the best competitor ever design by the Toyota group.

Toyota Raize 2022 safety and some rivals

The Raize 2022 comes amount the best model of the year with a five-star safety rating, an impressive fact that contributes to its success compared to rivals such as the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon, Mahindra XUV300 or the Ford EcoSport. Some safety features of the Toyota Raize include Dual front SRS airbags, Vehicle Stability Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, Parking Assist, warning collision and Rear fog lamps and many more which offer to this special car a strength to stand all the way for discovery. The price of the Raize 2022 varies between $16,945 to $18,538 compared to the Ford EcoSport with price ranging from $21,990 to $28,115; a fact that surprises more than one when you look at the features offered by both vehicles but there is a reason for this difference.

Toyota Raize 2022 closest Rival

The Raize 2022 is closer than ever to the Hyundai Creta SX 2022 which is a small crossover SUV with same stylish look, quiet attractive as well. Some people might consider it as a second choice over the Raize. The Creta offers a front wheel drive compared to the Raize which has a four-wheel drive with continuous variable-speed Automatic. Well, talking about the speed, the former has 7-speed dual-clutch, both seems to have the same average run on the way, still to be verified. Another fact that brought both vehicles together is the price range which are slightly the same. The Hyundai Creta being sold at approximately $17,940, not that far from the price of the Raize 2022

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