Awesome Subaru Ascent 2021

The Subaru Ascent 2021 appears among SUVs with low reliability but is still a nice car. It has a predictable reliability score of 79 out of 100, a power predicted score of 91 out of 100, a value which sets the Subaru Ascent as one of the best and probably a car recommended to shoppers. This mid-size SUV is known to be a good car, maybe thanks to its standard all-wheel-drive system and the 8.7inches of ground clearance. Moreover, the suspension does outstanding job, by favoring smoothing out road bumps, offering a very comfortable drive. The Subaru is reported to have beaten by all means different rivals including the Toyota Rav4 which usually display perfect assurance in various aspects and stands probably mostly among the SUVs to be considered. Other alternatives choice which could satisfy the queries of car shoppers who really want a mid-size SUVs include the Kia Telluride, the Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Traverse, Mazda CX-9 or the Toyota Highlander. It will be interesting to go in details on the Subaru Ascent review to help SUVs fan define the better choice for their dream car.

Subaru Ascent 2021 with quality interior

The Subaru Ascent 2021 came out with an interior score of 8 of 10 which is quiet appreciable, bringing assurance, and responding to concern of reviewers in search of respond why the Subaru Cars are still among the bestselling of the year 2021. The Ascent 2021 offers various trim levels such as the base, Premium, Limited or the Touring. The base trim has an impressive towing capacity up to 5,000 pounds when perfectly load. It has huge interior spaces, that is about 17.8 cubic feet at the third row, and 47.5 cubic feet with the third row folded down, an overall capacity of 86.5 cubic feet behind the first row. Thus, it is really comfortable, and has 7 to 8 seating spaces. The wide interior capacity of the Subaru Ascent is indeed a prime advantage granting it the rang of an SUV to be considered event though the reliability is known to be the least considerable in its class. Apart from its spacious interior, the Ascent has amazing interior features such as the 19 cupholders, the heated and ventilated front seats, or heated second-row seats, the 10-way power driver’s seat with power lumbar and two position memory, and the panoramic moonroof.

Subaru Ascent 2021 connectivity and engine specs

The Subaru Ascent 2021 is packed with advanced technologies, ranging from active technology to impressive entertainment features. Some of the high-tech tools are the Starlink in-vehicle with multimedia, navigation, added safety and impressive connection to stay online. It has amazing tools such as 6.5-inch touchscreen displays at the dashboard, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, the SiriusXM satellite Radio, HD Radio and Bluetooth system to stay tuned and enjoy for a long drive. The performance of the Subaru Ascent is considerable as well, in fact, it is equipped with a 2.4 liter Turbocharged Subaru Boxer V4 engine pumping about 260 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of Torque, criteria which are not that bad. But compared to a close rival such as the Toyota Highlander which is from the same class, it could be questionable, fortunately the Subaru offers more Torque, hence more performance and is faster than the Toyota Highlander. The Subaru Ascent 2021 has an EPA estimate of nearly 21mpg city and 27mpg highway, features which shows that it doesn’t really excel in term of fuel efficiency but remain somehow in between average Mid-size SUVs with the same specs.

Subaru Ascent 2021 safety specs and price range

The Subaru Ascent 2021 is known to have score least value in term of reliability rating, but that doesn’t really make it a worst car at all. It offers more than enough safety aspect considerable for a safe drive in every area. It is equipped with tools such as adaptive Cruise Control with lane centering and lane keep assist for an impeccable drive with overall assurance. These key features are added to the standard Eyesight driver assist technology including the pre-collision braking system, the pre-collision throttle management which added more confidence for the crew on the way for long and quiet trip. Other safety tools include the rear vision camera, brake override system, high beam assist and brake assist. The Subaru Ascent with all these amazing advantages has a starting price of $32,295 which is above the average price of mid-size SUVs of its class. An alternative in term of price could be the Honda Pilot which is also a rival but with more affordable price, ranging from $31,450 to $48,020 depending on the trim model. But if you are really in need of a mid-size with huge space and comfortable legroom, therefore, the Subaru Ascent remain the better choice.

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