Most affordable car insurance in Baltimore 2022

Car insurance in Baltimore seems to be costly just like in the main State Maryland. The reason is the high minimum liability requirements and voluntary uninsured auto coverage. Moreover, personal injury protection is required, that also impacts on car insurance coverages. Car owners have to pay an average cost of $2,127 per year for full … Read more

Best car insurance in Jacksonville 2022

It is one of the largest city by area in U.S.; car insurance in Jacksonville, Florida cost approximately $2,160 or $180 per month which is quiet expensive compare to the national average rate, but less than the state average cost. The cost for minimum average here is estimate at $885 per year which is also … Read more

Cheapest car insurance in Minneapolis 2022

The average cost for car insurance in Minneapolis is approximately $1,200 for a senior driver with comprehensive coverage policy and clean driving record. For the city full average coverage, it is about $1,645 which is closer to the national average cost. Those applying for minimum coverage do pay an estimate cost of $538 quite the … Read more

Best car insurance in Atlanta 2022

Being the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is a city with rich and diverse culture offering huge employment opportunities. Car insurance in Atlanta is slightly expensive, considering the population density, bad weather event, dangerous highways and other. Drivers do pay an average cost of approximately $1,638 per year, a cost which is similar to the state … Read more

Best deal for car insurance in Nashville 2022

Looking for a cheap car insurance in Nashville could be a little bit challenging, considering that, drivers will pay an average annual premium of $1,345 for full coverage and minimum coverage policy of nearly $370 per year. These coverages are inexpensive if not similar to that of Tennessee state average or the national cost. Insurers … Read more

Cheapest car insurance in Philadelphia 2022

Car insurance in Philadelphia seems to be very expensive because Pennsylvania is a no-fault state with high population density. Drivers have to pay an annual average rate of $2,135 which is higher than both the state and national average costs of car insurance. The average annual cost of minimum coverage is $1,217 per year, or … Read more

Most affordable car insurance in Austin 2022

To get the best car insurance in Austin city, it is important to get an idea about the state requirements. The average cost for auto insurance in Austin is $1,760 per year for full coverage or $147 per month while the minimum coverage is approximately $530 per year. The coverages are slightly lower than Texas’ … Read more

Best car insurance in Denver 2022

Coverage of car insurance in Denver is usually high. The average coverage cost for car insurance here is approximately $1,950 per year full coverage, which compare to Colorado State is quite higher than the state cost which is nearly $1,757. It is also higher than the national average cost which is about $1,650. The expensive … Read more

Most affordable car insurance in Boston 2022

The average annual rate of car insurance in Boston is $1,115, which similar to the amount pay in Massachusetts as State average and much lower than the national average cost. It means that, car insurance in Boston seems to be less expensive, drivers pay the same amount on average per year as the average driver … Read more

Best car insurance in New Orleans 2022

The cost of car insurance in New Orleans is much higher than the state and national averages cost. Drivers do pay an average cost of about $3,380 per year for full coverage policy, that is $310 per month. The average coverage rate is $1,003 per year, or $85 per month for minimum coverage policy; that … Read more